fabric-operator is an open-source, cloud-native Operator for managing Hyperledger Fabric networks on Kubernetes. The operator follows the CNCF Operator Pattern, reducing the minutia of performing repetitive, detailed configuration tasks to automated activities performed under the guidance of software-based controllers.

Using the operator, a Fabric network is realized in a declarative fashion by applying a series of CA, Peer, Orderer, and Console resources to the Kubernetes API. In turn, the controller executes a reconciliation loop, orchestrating containers, storage, and configuration to achieve the desired target state.

By analogy to a sailing metaphor, fabric-operator serves as the eXecutive Officer / XO of a vessel. It allows you, the captain, to invest valuable time and energy formulating strategic objectives for a blockchain deployment. The operator, or XO, is responsible to enact the plan, and “make it so.”

Fabric, Ahoy!

Operator Components

Feature Benefits

  • It slices
  • It dices
  • It folds your laundry
  • It configures Fabric networks
  • It configures Fabric networks on any Kube (even on your laptop)
  • It configures Fabric networks with K8s APIs (kubectl, kustomize, helm, SDK clients,…)
  • It configures Fabric networks with a web browser
  • It configures Fabric networks with Ansible
  • It configures Fabric networks with native Fabric CLI binaries
  • It configures Fabric networks with CI/CD and git-ops best-practices
  • It deploys Chaincode Now!!! (integrated ccaas and k8s external builders)
  • It detects expiring and expired x509 certificates
  • It will provide migration and future LTS revision support
  • It manages hybrid cloud, multi-org, and multi-cluster Fabric networks
  • It runs on pure containerd and mobyd (no dependencies on Docker/DIND)
  • It provides wildcard DNS, SNI, and OCP domain ingress routing
  • It is battle tested
  • It is backed by commercial-grade, enterprise support offerings from IBM
  • It … just works. Enjoy!

Future Benefits

  • Declarative Fabric resources : Channel, Chaincode, Organization, Consortium / MSP, … CRDs
  • Service Mesh Overlay (Linkerd, Istio, …) with mTLS
  • Metrics and observability with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Operational management: Log aggregation, monitoring, alerting
  • Modular CAs (Fabric CA, cert-manager.io, Vault, letsencrypt, …)
  • Automatic x509 certificate renewal
  • Backup / Recovery / Upgrade
  • Idemixer, Token SDK, BFT Orderer
  • Layer II blockchain integration (Cactus, Weaver, Token SDK, …)
  • kubectl, fabctl, fabric-cli command-line extensions.

Build a Fabric Network

Build the Fabric Operator

Community Guidelines

  • This is an open community project. Be KIND to your peers.
  • Focus on outcomes (where are we going), not mechanics (how will we get there).
  • Discussion, Comments, and Action at Hyperledger Discord : #fabric-kubernetes


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