Strukture IDE Beta II

IDE runs as a server and is accessed via web browser. Being a web server, the IDE boasts a web (HTML) interface is accessible from any device on your network.Compared to Microsoft VS Code and Eclipse CHE, this IDE is very minimalistic. It features :

  • Web application resource management.
  • Autocomplete between different files.
  • Syntax correction.
  • Server process management.
  • Interactive terminal via web socket.
  • Line tags in relation to failed build logs.
  • Project build scripts.
  • View web application output.
  • Build docker images (Must have docker running on host) .
  • Breakpoints and debugging with Delve.


  • Go v1.15+.


	$ go get

How to run

	$ IDE

Launch with GUI (Electron View)

Requires NodeJS

Change to the ui directory within the root of this package. (Moved ui files to build package as go)

	$ cd ui/
	$ npm install
	$ IDE --headless & npm start

Take note of the pid ID to stop server process. Once your server is up feel free to use npm start directly.

IE Fix

If build commands keep returning the same message, push the F12 key down to open developer tools and try building again.


Visit localhost:8884/index. Access the IDE from any device on your network as well...

Bug reports & questions :

Please create a new issue on Github to report a bug.

Wiki : How to use the strukture


Misc info

How to install GoS incase the built-in installer fails.

  • Install GoS CLI. ( $ go get )
  • Install GoS dependencies : $ gos deps


Automate your work flow with just lines of Javascript. Read the Guide here.


Improvements to the codebase and pull requests are encouraged.

Teams and small businesses

Get IDE setup for your business, with staff training. Learn more at


As a human I can't be everywhere, please help me find problems or unexpected behavior with this piece of software.