This tool will identify virtual hosts by performing a similarity comparison. It will generate a baseline request to attempt to map a non-existent virtual host. From there it will iterate over the supplied domains and compare them for any differences. Any significant differences will result in a virtual host being detected.


go install -v github.com/wdahlenburg/[email protected]


Usage: VhostFinder -ip -file domains.txt
  -file string
      File of domain names to fuzz for
  -ip string
      IP Address to Fuzz
  -path string
      Custom path to send during fuzzing (default "/")
  -port int
      Port to use (default 443)
  -threads int
      Number of threads to use (default 10)
      Use TLS (Default: true) (default true)
  -v  Verbose mode
      Verify vhost is different than public url

What is Virtual Host Fuzzing?

Essentially the following request is sent repeatedly to a particular IP:

GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: FUZZ
Connection: close

The host header is fuzzed based on user input, while all requests are sent to the same IP.


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