Go’s big.Int is mutable to enable flexibility in performance tuning but sometimes immutability is more desired. To write immutable code with big.Int we need to be really verbose like new(big.Int).Add(a, b). This package provides an immutable wrapper around big.Int. Other than the immutability, it tries to be as similar to big.Int as possible. Examples:

int big.Int bigint
42 big.NewInt(42) bigint.New(42)
strconv.Atoi("123") new(big.Int).SetString("123", 10) bigint.FromString("123", 10)
a := b a := new(big.Int).Set(b) a := b
a + b new(big.Int).Add(a, b) a.Add(b)
a * (b + c) new(big.Int).Mul(a, new(big.Int).Add(b, c)) a.Mul(b.Add(c))
a == b a.Cmp(b) == 0 a.EQ(b)
a < b a.Cmp(b) < 0 a.LT(b)

Check documentation for all utility functions: to be updated…


go get


  • Support all functions from big.Int
  • 100% test coverage


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