Go Optionals

This package is a tiny implementation of Optionals in go, using the new go1.18

Optionals are useful because sometimes errors are actually errors, and nil is a
valid response, but you want to retain type safety.


import (

type database interface {
	getUser(userID string) (*User, error)
const db database

func getUser(userID: string) Optional[User], error {
	if !db.connected() {
		return opt.Empty[User](), fmt.Errorf("Failed to getUser Not connected to DB")

	user, err := db.getUser()
	if err {
		return opt.Empty[User](), fmt.Errorf("Failed to getUser: %v", err)

	return opt.Make(user)

func main() {
	user, err := getUser("user-id-1")

	if err != nil {
		// handle error cases

	opt.If(user, func(user User)) {
		fmt.Println("Found user", user.firstName)


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