Improved go doc with terminal syntax highlighting.

This is a modification of the original go doc command that adds terminal syntax highlighting.


Uses go-colorable so colors will work on Windows as well.


$ git clone
$ cd gopherdoc
$ go install

It will install into $GOPATH/bin/gopherdoc (Use go env GOPATH to find your path) hopefully that’s probably in your PATH already.


Usage is the same as go doc with just a new flag available.

-style allows to change the syntax highlighting style, the style must be a valid chroma style. (e.g gopherdoc -style monokai encoding/json)

You may also set the style via GDOC_STYLE environment variable, so you can e.g set that in your .bashrc or something. The flag will still take precedence when available.

The default style is vim


Because I modified Go’s cmd/doc I decided to release it under Go’s license. See LICENSE