In memory of my dog Safira.

logo of Safira, my dog

The tool safira replaces pattern_offset.rb and pattern_create.rb from the MetaSploit Framework.


You can run one of the compile scripts accodringly to your OS target.


bash ./



(or double click on the script).

In case you’re not neither of one of the two, you could run the following command:

go build -ldflags "-s -w" -o "./bin/safira" "./src/safira.go"


To create a pattern, you might supply the lenght of it:

safira -lenght 40
# Aa0Aa1Aa2Aa3Aa4Aa5Aa6Aa7Aa8Aa9Ab0Ab1Ab2

After retreiving the data that you see on the EIP, pass it to the -find argument.

safira -lenght 40 -find 41306241
# Matching at 30 bytes


  • I dislike Ruby
  • I don’t want to install Metasploit Framework on Windows
  • I like making programs in Go
  • My dog died because she ate some poisonous stuff that some uncivilized human dropped on the open field on purpose. So I wanted to create a memory that will remain forever.

Your code/program sucks, what can I do about it?

  • Make a push request.
  • Fork it and edit as you like / make your own version of it.
  • Absolutely nothing.

If none of the options are appealing you, you can contact me at the following number: 605 475-6968.


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