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This fullstack application creates a TODO List Web Page using the Go/Gin/Postgres/React Stack.

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Starting the application

  1. Create a Postgres Database called TODO with table list and change backend/api/api.go accordingly.
  2. Start the go server in backend using go run backend/main.go.
  3. Start the react server in frontend using npm install and then npm start.


In the project root, run:

  1. docker-compose build
  2. docker-compose run

Go server

Go is used to spin up the server, define routing, and interact with the database.

Gin router

Gin is used to define the TODO API with functionality such as:

  1. Listing all TODO items.
  2. Creating a new TODO item and adding to the database.
  3. Updating a TODO item with its completed condition.
  4. Deleting a TODO item from the database.
  5. Later being able to filter TODO items.

Postgres Database

Postgres is used to store the TODO items by saving rows in as id, item-text, and done boolean condition.


React is used here to create the frontend fully responsive application on the client side and is built using components.


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