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Initial triage of Windows Event logs (Pre-built package for Windows as for now). This is beta quality software.

Input data

  • .evtx – Windows event log files coming from various hosts or single host

Output data

  • Subset of events based on event ID’s defined in maps (e.g. System 104 – The log file was cleared.)
  • Events useful for forensics
  • One of the following output formats: CSV, JSON, JSONL, Excel
  • Default output format Excel
  • Files with the same computer name are merged

Example output

Subset of columns only (Click for fullscreen preview)


Output directory structure


Interesting features

  • Reconstruction of PowerShell Scriptblocks
  • Powershell -enc is automatically decoded
  • Scheduled Tasks XML parsing
  • Merge events from different sources (e.g. Microsoft-Windows-PowerShellOperational_General and Windows PowerShell) to single output file
  • Deduplication of events (so you can provide logs from backup, VSS, archive)
  • Supported events can be easily added by adding .yaml files to maps/ directory
  • Parameters resolution (e.g. %%1936 changed to TokenElevationTypeDefault (1))
  • Fields resolution (e.g. servicestarttype = 2 is replaced with “Auto start”)

Which events are supported?

Please look into maps/ (which contains Layer 1 maps)

Quick usage

Parse events (C:\evtx_compromised_machine\*.evtx) from single host to default Excel format

EvtxHussar.exe -o C:\evtxhussar_results C:\evtx_compromised_machine

Parse events (C:\evtx_many_machines\*\*.evtx) from many machines recursively saving them with JSONL format

EvtxHussar.exe -f jsonl -r -o C:\evtxhussar_results C:\evtx_many_machines

Parse only 2 files (Security.evtx and System.evtx) and save them with CSV format

EvtxHussar.exe -f csv -o C:\evtxhussar_results C:\evtx_compromised_machine\Security.evtx C:\evtx_compromised_machine\System.evtx

Parse events with 100 workers (1 worker = 1 Evtx file handled) Default: 30

EvtxHussar.exe -w 100 -r -o C:\evtxhussar_results C:\evtx_many_machines

Parse with custom maps relevant to incident

EvtxHussar.exe -m C:\incident_specific_maps -r -o C:\evtxhussar_results C:\evtx_many_machines


Usage: EvtxHussar [--recursive] [--output_dir OUTPUT_DIR] [--format FORMAT] [--workers WORKERS] [--maps MAPS] [--debug] [INPUT_EVTX_PATHS [INPUT_EVTX_PATHS ...]]

Positional arguments:
  INPUT_EVTX_PATHS       Path(s) to .evtx files or directories containing these files (can be mixed)

  --recursive, -r        Recursive traversal for any input directories. [default: false]
  --output_dir OUTPUT_DIR, -o OUTPUT_DIR
                         Reports will be saved in this directory (if doesn't exists it will be created)
  --format FORMAT, -f FORMAT
                         Output data in one of the formats: Csv,JSON,JSONL,Excel [default: Excel]
  --workers WORKERS, -w WORKERS
                         Max concurrent workers (.evtx opened) [default: 30]
  --maps MAPS, -m MAPS   Custom directory with maps/ (Default: program directory)
  --debug, -d            Be more verbose [default: false]
  --help, -h             display this help and exit
  --version              display version and exit

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