Alfred emoji picker

Input emojis from Alfred — at a blazing-fast speed!


  • Download the workflow from the latest release.
  • Open the file and import it into Alfred.
  • Click on the workflow in Alfred and define a hotkey.

👉 I recommend using Command ⌘ Control ⌃ Space


go install


Copy the executable in the Alfred workflow directory and export the new workflow from Alfred.


  • Restore clipboard after pasting emoji
  • Add some hard-coded sorting priority.
    • 🙂 > 🙁
    • 👌 > 🆗
    • More?
  • Support for multiple words fuzzy search
  • Add scoring on results (exact match > partial match at beginning > partial match > keywords, categories, etc…)
  • Add a script to scrap to regenerate the emoji images
  • Support for auto-updates
  • Support for skin tones


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