Yet another of instagram stories scraper. Downloading instagram stories without account. Not working if the instagram target are private.

This tools using the best scraper and crawler framework : https://github.com/gocolly/colly

And thanks to https://hookgram.com for providing the website.


$ git clone https://github.com/mrizkimaulidan/fabula.git

Download the required depedencies:

$ go mod tidy


$ go build


Show help

$ ./fabula.exe --help
Usage of fabula:
  -username string
        the instagram username

Run instagram story downloader

$ ./fabula.exe -username=john.doe
2022/06/27 14:14:26 starting to scrape story from john.doe
2022/06/27 14:14:27 downloading, please wait.
2022/06/27 14:14:29 downloading, please wait..
2022/06/27 14:14:30 downloading, please wait...
2022/06/27 14:14:32 downloading, please wait....
2022/06/27 14:14:34 downloading, please wait.....
2022/06/27 14:14:34 downloading, please wait......
2022/06/27 14:14:35 6 story downloaded from john.doe

Check the ./stories folder where the story contents has been downloaded


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