report button

(not actually a button, it’s an application command)


Set up an .env file with the following keys:

  • TOKEN and PUBLIC_KEY: your bot’s token and public key from Discord
  • GUILD_ID: the guild ID to respond to commands from, and to write commands to.
  • CHANNEL_ID: the channel ID to send reports to.

Also set PORT if you don’t want to use the default (3100)

You should also change some of the messages in consts.go (especially reportError)

Then build the application (use to build without cgo) and run it with the -sync flag. This will sync the commands to Discord and immediately exit.
Then rerun the executable with no arguments to run the report button!


I don’t care what you do with this, so it’s licensed under the Unlicense :]
Check LICENSE in the repository’s root for the full text!


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