Interchain Security

interchain-security houses the code for implementing Interchain Security: The repo is currently a WIP and targetting v1 of Interchain Security.

CCV stands for cross chain validation and refers to the subset of Interchain Security related to the staking and slashing communication between the parent and child blockchains. The parent blockchain communicates staking changes to child blockchain(s), while the child blockchain may communicate slashing evidence to the parent blockchain.

The code for CCV is housed under x/ccv. The types folder contains types and related functions that are used by both parent and child chains, while the child module contains the code run by child chains and the parent module contains the code run by parent chain.

NOTE: At the moment the testing app may not be functional, please rely on the IBC testing suite to write unit tests for the moment.

Get started

starport chain serve

serve command installs dependencies, builds, initializes, and starts a testing blockchain in development.


The testing blockchain in development can be configured with config.yml. To learn more, see the Starport docs.


To launch a testing blockchain live on multiple nodes, use starport network commands. Learn more about Starport Network.

Web Frontend

Starport has scaffolded a Vue.js-based web app in the vue directory. Run the following commands to install dependencies and start the app:

cd vue
npm install
npm run serve

The frontend app is built using the @starport/vue and @starport/vuex packages. For details, see the monorepo for Starport front-end development.


To release a new version of your blockchain, create and push a new tag with v prefix. A new draft release with the configured targets will be created.

git tag v0.1
git push origin v0.1

After a draft release is created, make your final changes from the release page and publish it.


To install the latest version of your blockchain node’s binary, execute the following command on your machine:

curl[email protected]! | sudo bash

cosmos/interchain-security should match the username and repo_name of the Github repository to which the source code was pushed. Learn more about the install process.

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