Gomu (Go Music Player)

Gomu is intuitive, powerful CLI music player. It has embedded scripting language and event hook to enable user to customize their config extensively.


  • lightweight
  • simple
  • fast
  • show audio files as tree
  • queue cache
  • vim keybindings
  • youtube-dl integration
  • audio file management
  • customizable
  • find music from youtube
  • scriptable config
  • download lyric
  • id3v2 tag editor


If you are using ubuntu, you need to install alsa and required dependencies

$ sudo apt install libasound2-dev go

Optional dependencies can be installed by this command

$ sudo apt install youtube-dl


$ go get -u github.com/issadarkthing/gomu

For arch users, you can install from the AUR

using yay:

$ yay -S gomu

using aura:

$ sudo aura -A gomu


By default, gomu will look for audio files in ~/music directory. If you wish to change to your desired location, edit ~/.config/gomu/config file
and change music_dir = path/to/your/musicDir.


Each panel has it's own additional keybinding. To view the available keybinding for the specific panel use ?

Key (General) Description
tab change panel
space toggle play/pause
esc close popup
n skip
q quit
+ volume up
- volume down
f/F forward 10/60 seconds
b/B rewind 10/60 seconds
? toggle help
m open repl
T switch lyrics
c show colors
Key (Playlist) Description
j down
k up
h close node in playlist
a create playlist
l (lowercase L) add song to queue
L add playlist to queue
d delete file from filesystemd
D delete playlist from filesystem
Y download audio
r refresh
R rename
y/p yank/paste file
/ find in playlist
s search audio from youtube
t edit mp3 tags
1/2 find lyric if available
Key (Queue) Description
j down
k up
l (lowercase L) play selected song
d remove from queue
D delete playlist
z toggle loop
s shuffle
/ find in queue
t lyric delay increase 0.5 second
r lyric delay decrease 0.5 second


Gomu uses anko as its scripting language. You can read
more about scripting at our wiki

Keybinds.def_g("ctrl_x", func() {
    out, err = shell(`echo "hello world"`)
    if err != nil {
        debug_popup("an error occured")

Project Background

I just wanted to implement my own music player with a programming language i'm currently learning (Go). Gomu might not be stable as it in constant development. For now, it can fulfill basic music player functions such as:

  • add and delete songs from queue
  • create playlists
  • skip
  • play
  • pause
  • forward and rewind

Album Photo

For songs downloaded by Gomu, the thumbnail will be embeded as Album cover. If you're not satisfied with the cover, you can edit it with kid3 and attach an image as album cover. Jpeg is tested, but other formats should work as well.

Seeking and more advanced stuff has not yet been implemented; feel free to contribute :)