A mustache like ({{}}) templating engine for Go. This is still very much WIP, but contributions and issues are welcome.


Given a file, index.batml:

<h1>Hello {{Team.Name}}</h1>

Create a new template and execute it:

content, _ := ioutil.ReadFile("index.bat")

t := team{
    Name: "Foo",
bat.Execute(map[string]any{"Team": team})

Here’s an overview of more advanced usage:


Bat supports the following primitives that can be used within {{}} expressions:

  • true
  • false
  • nil


Bat supports if statements, and the != and == operators.

{{if user != nil}}
    <a href="/login">Login</a>
    <a href="/profile">View your profile</a>


Iteration is supported via the range keyword. Both slices and maps are supported.

{{range $index, $name in data}}
    <h1>Hello {{$name}}, number {{$index}}</h1>

Given data being defined as: []string{"Fox Mulder", "Dana Scully"}, the resulting output would look like:

    <h1>Hello Fox Mulder, number 0</h1>

    <h1>Hello Dana Scully, number 1</h1>

In the example above, range defines two variables which must begin with a $ so they don’t conflict with data passed into the template.

The range keyword can also be used with a single variable, providing only the key or index to the iterator:

{{range $index in data}}
    <h1>Hello person {{$index}}</h1>

Given data being defined as: []string{"Fox Mulder", "Dana Scully"}, the resulting output would look like:

    <h1>Hello person 0</h1>

    <h1>Hello person 1</h1>


  • Add each functionality (see the section on range)
  • Add if and else functionality
  • Emit better error messages and validate them with tests
  • Create an engine struct that will enable partials, helper functions, and custom escaping functions.
  • Support strings in templates
  • Support integer numbers
  • Add basic math operations
  • Simple map class { "foo": bar } for use with partials
  • Improve stringify logic in the executor (bat.go)
  • Support channels in range


  • Add &&, and || operators for more complex conditionals
  • Replace {{end}} with named end blocks, like {{/if}}
  • Add support for {{else if <expression>}}
  • Support the not operator, e.g. if !foo
  • Track and error on undefined variable usage in the parsing stage


  • Add parens for complex options
  • Variable declarations that look like provided data access


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