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It is an easy and fast tool to install your packages with just one command.

What means “Trouxa”?

In portuguese, Trouxa means something like a “bundle of clothes”, but it is also a pejorative term like mug, gink, muggle. Thinking in the first meaning, why not let this bundle carry Packages too? (It does not make sense, I know lol)

Why use it?

With trouxa, you can install many packages just noting it in a file, packages.txt, and selecting your package manager.

If you are using the a Arch based distro like me, you just need create a file with your needs, and run a command.

and many others packages....

and run it on the same directory as the packages.txt

trouxa pacman -p packages.txt

If the file is with the name packages.txt, you could not specify it because this is the default value of -p

trouxa pacman

Package managers supported

  • pacman
  • yay

How to install


To build you will need the Go environment in version 1.16 and make installed.

make build


sudo make install 

The binary compiled will be copied to your /usr/bin and available through the command trouxa in your terminal


  • Portable
  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Simple