Jaeger ClickHouse

This is implementation of Jaeger’s storage plugin for ClickHouse. See as well jaegertracing/jaeger/issues/1438 for historical discussion regarding Clickhouse plugin.

Note that this project is community maintained. If it is not up-to-date or missing any features please open the issue or submit a pull-request.


Refer to the config.yaml for all supported configuration options.

Build & Run

Docker database example

docker run --rm -it -p9000:9000 --name some-clickhouse-server --ulimit nofile=262144:262144 yandex/clickhouse-server:21
GOOS=linux make build run
make run-hotrod

Open localhost:16686 and localhost:8080.

Custom database

You need to specify connection options in config.yaml file, then you can run

make build
SPAN_STORAGE_TYPE=grpc-plugin {Jaeger binary adress} --query.ui-config=jaeger-ui.json --grpc-storage-plugin.binary=./{name of built binary} --grpc-storage-plugin.configuration-file=config.yaml --grpc-storage-plugin.log-level=debug


This project is based on https://github.com/bobrik/jaeger/tree/ivan/clickhouse/plugin/storage/clickhouse.