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Jail Programming Language

Jail is a dynamic typed interpreter programming language writen in GoLang..


If you more interested in Jail or you want to learn Jail go and check our Documentation


How to download interpreter of Jail? There a page about this topic Here!


  • Simple math interpreter
  • Add float support
  • Sequence of operations
  • Add modulus operation
  • Add Identifier support (keywords)
  • Printing out program
  • Add multi line comments
  • Optimize Math operations
  • More type of data can be printed by puts keyword
    • String
    • Math operations
    • Int
    • Float
    • Keyword
  • Variables
    • Decalre variable
    • Change value of variable (Soon added)
    • Operations on variables
  • Pretty code 😼
  • Functions
    • Declare functions
    • Arguments
    • Call functions
  • Includes


  • Source – Source of interpreter
  • Examples – Examples of Jail language
  • Documentation – Documentation of Jail Language
    • Download – Documentation about downloading jail interpreter
    • Start-Coding – Documentation about jail syntax and about coding in jail


If you wanna help in Jail Programming Language write to me on Discord or on other platforms Contact With Solindek


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