JSONC is a superset of JSON which supports comments. JSON formatted files are readable to humans but the lack of comments decreases readability. With JSONC, you can use block (/* */) and single line (//) comments to describe the functionality. Microsoft VS Code also uses this format in their configuration files like settings.json, keybindings.json, launch.json, etc.


What this package offers

JSONC for Go offers ability to convert and unmarshal JSONC to pure JSON. It also provides functionality to read JSONC file from disk and return JSONC and corresponding JSON encoding to operate on. However, it only provides a one way conversion. That is, you can not generate JSONC from JSON. Read documentation for detailed examples.


go get it

Run go get command to install the package.

$ go get muzzammil.xyz/jsonc

Import jsonc

Import muzzammil.xyz/jsonc to your source file.

package main

import (


Test it

Now test it!

func main() {
  j := []byte(`{"foo": /*comment*/ "bar"}`)
  jc := jsonc.ToJSON(j) // Calling jsonc.ToJSON() to convert JSONC to JSON
  if jsonc.Valid(jc) {
  } else {
    fmt.Println("Invalid JSONC")
$ go run app.go