Just Enough C2

An opinionated C2 server and implant which does just enough to be effective.

Meant primarily for small teams operating on small numbers of targets mostly in Linux (cloud, devops, etc) environments without too much fear of detection.

Under the hood, it’s all just SSH with extra steps.

For legal use only.


  • Single server binary
  • Single client binary
  • All comms over SSH, optionally TLS-wrapped
  • End-to-end encryption between operator SSH client and implant
  • Upload/download/pasteboard copy (optionally using iTerm2 magic)
  • Shell command execution
  • Subprocess execution
  • Server-side logging
  • Forward/Reverse TCP tunnels
  • Somewhat broken built-in WebDAV server
  • Incomplete documentation


  • Client-side DNS compatible with dnsproxycommand
  • Unincomplete documentation
  • Easier build and setup
  • Implant buildable as shared object file
  • Actually test TLS comms


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