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Mirror images into your own registry and swap image references automatically.

k8s-image-swapper is a mutating webhook for Kubernetes, downloading images into your own registry and pointing the images to that new location. It is an alternative to a docker pull-through proxy. The feature set was primarily designed with Amazon ECR in mind but may work with other registries.


Using k8s-image-swapper will improve the overall availability, reliability, durability and resiliency of your Kubernetes cluster by keeping 3rd-party images mirrored into your own registry.

k8s-image-swapper will transparently consolidate all images into a single registry without the need to adjust manifests therefore reducing the impact of external registry failures, rate limiting, network issues, change or removal of images while reducing data traffic and therefore cost.


  • Protect against:
  • Use in air-gaped environments without the need to change manifests
  • Reduce NAT ingress traffic/cost


The documentation is available at


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