K8S scanner of Gitlab projects with parallel execution

!!! WIP !!! DO NOT USE


helm install redis redis-17.2.0.tgz

Redis® can be accessed on the following DNS names from within your cluster:

redis-master.gitlab-mass-scan.svc.cluster.local for read/write operations (port 6379)
redis-replicas.gitlab-mass-scan.svc.cluster.local for read-only operations (port 6379)

To get your password run:

export REDIS_PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret --namespace gitlab-mass-scan redis -o jsonpath="{.data.redis-password}" | base64 -d)

To connect to your Redis® server:

  1. Run a Redis® pod that you can use as a client:

    kubectl run –namespace gitlab-mass-scan redis-client –restart=’Never’ –env REDIS_PASSWORD=$REDIS_PASSWORD –image –command — sleep infinity

    Use the following command to attach to the pod:

    kubectl exec –tty -i redis-client –namespace gitlab-mass-scan — bash

  2. Connect using the Redis® CLI: REDISCLI_AUTH=”$REDIS_PASSWORD” redis-cli -h redis-master REDISCLI_AUTH=”$REDIS_PASSWORD” redis-cli -h redis-replicas

To connect to your database from outside the cluster execute the following commands:

kubectl port-forward --namespace gitlab-mass-scan svc/redis-master 6379:6379 &
REDISCLI_AUTH="$REDIS_PASSWORD" redis-cli -h -p 6379


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