Kagetaka : Decentralized Microservice Orchestration for Saito

Shamelessly cloned and repurposed for Go 1.17 from Andre Pires: https://github.com/strabox/caravela.

More to come:

  • Finishing modern Docker/Go integration
  • Saito Rust Integration
  • WASM Microservices
  • Confidential Security

Currently how building works:

git clone https://github.com/ThomasPluck/kagetaka
cd kagetaka && make build

Commands are unmodified from Andre Pires’ original implementation, these include:

     help, h  Shows a list of commands or help for one command
   Caravela system management:
     join, j    Join a caravela instance
     create, c  Create a caravela instance
     exit, e    Shutdown from the CARAVELA instance, makes the node leave
   User's containers management:
     run, r        Launch a container in the Caravela instance
     container, c  Options for managing user's containers

   --log value, -l value  Controls the granularity of the log traces (default: "fatal")
   --ip value             IP of the caravela instance/daemon to send the request (default: "")
   --help, -h             show help
   --version, -v          print the version