URL Rewrite

This package contains custom middleware to rewrite URLs of incoming requests. Rewrite rules are applied to all incoming requests and are evaluated before the request is handled by KrakenD’s request router.


To install urlrewrite from GitHub:

go get -u github.com/kivra/[email protected]<commit hash>

Then add urlrewrite to the KrakenD router_engine:

func NewEngine(cfg config.ServiceConfig, opt luragin.EngineOptions) *gin.Engine {
  engine := luragin.NewEngine(cfg, opt)


For example, using the following global extra_config, requests to /api/hello_world are routed to /api/hello/world:

"kivra/url-rewrite": [
    "pattern": "^/api/hello_(.*)$",
    "replace": "/api/hello/$1"

Rewrite rules are applied consecutively in the order they are defined. For more information on the supported Regex syntax, see the Golang regexp package.


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