Kubernetes Application Archive.

Bundle up a Kubernetes application πŸ“¦ into a single static OCI compliant archive.

  • Search for valid Kubernetes manifests (YAML)
  • Identify references to container images (OCI)
  • Create a single OCI compliant artifact that contains all the application data, and container image data


kaar works just like Linux tar, which means good luck remembering the flags.

β”œβ”€β”€ deploy.yaml   # References a container image
β”œβ”€β”€ Dockerfile
β”œβ”€β”€ main.go
└── service.yaml

kaar [flags] [archive] [path]
kaar -cf myapp.kaar ./app        Create an archive with container images referenced in deploy.yaml
kaar -xf myapp.karr ./app        Extract an archive with container images referenced in deploy.yaml

 -x Extract
 -f File
 -z Zip
 -c Create

How it works

kaar will recursively iterate through every file in the path and search for valid Kubernetes YAML. Next kaar will identify all container images referenced from the YAML. Finally kaar will archive the container images (local first, remote next) as well as the YAML from the local directory. The resulting archive will be saved as an OCI compliant container image that can be uploaded to any container registry.


Within each kaar archive there is a special directory .kaar which is used to store raw container image data, and meta information for each archive.


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