Reconfiguration of replicated systems

This repository contains exercises for my lecture on reconfigurable replicated systems. Exercises are small programming tasks. Examples are build using the Gorums RPC framework.

  • storage contains some small tasks to get to know the example application and the Gorums framework.
  • reconfstorage contains tasks to implement reconfiguration mechanisms for the same application.


It is my hope that these exercises will eventually be self-explanatory. However, in their current state the design may be difficult to understand without the accompanying lecture covering both algorithms for reconfiguration and the main workings of the Gorum RPC framework.

Getting started

You should have a recent version of Go installed. Installation instructions can be found here.

To get started, clone this repository and open the storage folder in your favorite Golang editor. Being done with the exercises their, do the same with the reconfstorage folder.


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