Lambda container image wrapper

How it works

  • Fetches SSM secure string parameters specified in env variables with _SSM_PARAMETER_NAME suffix (e.g. DB_PASSWORD_SSM_PARAMETER_NAME).
  • Executes any executable provided as the first argument passing all the other arguments as-is.

Why we built it?

We wanted to run any executable in on-demand executed Lambdas. Our main use case is running SQL scripts in the same VPC as RDS instances are residing. However, there are two problems:

  • You cannot bind secrets as environment variables. You have to obtain them in the Lambda code. We wanted our images to be as runtime agnostic as possible and get secrets from environment variables. This wrapper is the only thing that has to be installed to meet our requirements.
  • Running a program which will exit (even with the 0 exit code) will fail with an error because it is not what lambda expects. You need a long-running program which will handle multiple Lambda requests to avoid this error.


You can run this code as a wrapper for a Lambda executed from AWS API, AWS Console or EventBridge cron, but you probably shouldn’t use it in Lambdas executed via HTTP endpoint or API gateway. It can work, but we haven’t tested it, and we expect some problems because our wrapper is spawning a new process using exec.Run function.


Download the binary in your Dockerfile (Set the LAMBDA_WRAPPER_SHA256 and LAMBDA_WRAPPER_VERSION variables appropriately):

ENV LAMBDA_WRAPPER_SHA256=qwertyu123qeqeasdasdae1231dasdasfsadfa1231231dasdasdadasda123131 \
RUN curl -L${LAMBDA_WRAPPER_VERSION}/lambda-docker-wrapper-${LAMBDA_WRAPPER_VERSION}-linux-amd64 \
        -o /usr/local/bin/lambda-docker-wrapper && \
    echo "${LAMBDA_WRAPPER_SHA256} /usr/local/bin/lambda-docker-wrapper" | sha256sum --check && \
    chmod +x /usr/local/bin/lambda-docker-wrapper

Set lambda-docker-wrapper as your ENTRYPOINT and your executable (e.g. as CMD in the Lambda Container image overrides settings.

If you want to get secure string SSM parameter as an environment variable add _SSM_PARAMETER_NAME suffix to the expected environment variable name. For example DB_PASSWORD_SSM_PARAMETER_NAME=/app/db-password will fetch the /app/db-password SSM parameter and store it as the DB_PASSWORD environment variable before executing CMD.


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