Saddle Launcher

The Saddle Launcher is a launcher for the saddle server. It provides a simple way to add and remove plugins, and will automatically compile the server for you. The launcher can also automatically download new plugin updates when available. For more information about saddle itself, please check the saddlemc/saddle repository. This repository only contains the launcher, and not the server itself.

There are currently no prebuilt launcher binaries available.

Useful resources

How to use

Before being able to use the launcher, you will need to install the latest version of the Go programming language to your computer. This is used by the launcher to bundle in plugins with the server, and build them into one executable.

With Go installed, put the launcher executable in the folder you want your server to be in. Now, you can open the launcher. You will notice that the launcher is building your server. The first time you do this, this might take a minute depending on your hardware. After that, building should be considerably faster.

When your server has been built, a server or server.exe (depending on your platform) will appear next to the launcher executable. This is your server bundled with all the plugins you might have installed. You should also see a saddle.toml file appear next to the launcher executable. This file can be modified to change build settings. These are separate from the server’s config.toml that will also be generated. At this point, your server will be up & running. You can close it again by pressing CRTL+C in the server’s terminal.


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