📘️ Learn Go by fixing tiny incorrect programs

This project was directly inspired by the great ziglings project which itself was inspired by rustlings.

For a first time learner it is suggested you complement this material with another source such as

Intended Audience

These exercises will probably be difficult if you’ve never programmed before.

The exercises should be self-contained and self-explained, though this is a WIP and suggestions are welcome!

Instructions: Running exercises

Requires a Go installation to run the examples.

Instructions using VSCode

  1. Download the repository (or alternatively clone it)

  2. Install the VSCode Go extension authored by Go Team at Google

  3. Open the gopherlings folder in VSCode

  4. Navigate to the exercise file, i.e. exercises/001-hello/hello.go

  5. One the hello.go file is open you may edit it and press F5 to run it. Output will be shown in the Debug Console.

Instructions using terminal

  1. Clone repository

    git clone 
  2. Navigate to example’s directory

    cd gopherlings/exercise/001-hello
  3. Edit the file so it is correct and run it with go run

    go run hello.go


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