Wattpad Microservice

Repository of learning outcomes on microservices with case studies of Wattpad using Golang.

Microservice diagram

Services Description
Shirogane API Gateway
Kaguya User and authentication service
Ishigami Mail service
Miko Story service

I manage the protobuf of each GRPC service in a folder with the name hayasaka so that it is standardized.

Getting Started


Use docker to run the program with the following command:

$ docker-compose up -d

Connect the url on the api gateway, to see the url of the api gateway, use the following command:

$ docker container inspect shirogane-service

API Documentation

I’m using Postman to document an existing API. Please import the following file in your Postman.

Mail monitoring

Kami menggunakan mailhog sebagai server SMTP dan penerima email. Untuk melihat email yang dikirim, silahkan buka laman berikut pada browser :

Open http://localhost:8025


  • User and authentication
  • Send mail
  • Story, chapter, genre, and tag


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