Domain Name Finder CLI app

Learning Go by building a domain name finder application.
This app has 5 sub-programs that are then run by the ./domainfinder program.

The 5 sub-programs

  1. Sprinkle: adds web-friendly sprinkle words to add the chance of finding an available domain name.
  2. Domainify: ensures that words are acceptable for a domain name by removing unacceptable characters.
  3. Coolify: changes a boring normal word to a web 2.0 by fiddling around with vowels.
  4. Synonyms: uses the Big Huge Thesaurus 3rd party API to find synonyms for words.
  5. Available: uses the WHOIS server 3rd party API to check whether the domain is available.

Things I learnt

  • Standard streams and how to redirect standard input and standard output.
  • Consuming JSON RESTful API web services in my code. I consumed the Big Huge Thesaurus API
  • Consuming non-HTTP APIs (e.g. TCP) in my code. I opened a connection to the WHOIS server and wrote data over raw TCP
  • Using the math/rand standard package to get pseudo random numbers and use in making decisions in my code.

Running the program locally on your computer

  • Make sure you Go installed on your system.
  • Clone this repository in a directory of choice on your computer: git clone
  • Create a Big Huge Thesaurus API key. This permits us consume their API to generate synonyms for words.
    Then place the API key in your environment variables as BHT_APIKEY=<api-key-gotten>.
    This value is used in the synonyms sub-program.
  • Install the 3rd party packages for each sub-program by going into the directories and running go mod tidy on your terminal.
  • cd into the domainfinder sub-program and run which build all the other sub-programs.
  • To run our program, type ./domainfinder.
  • You can now type in a word and you’ll get suggested domain names and their availability status.
    Screenshot of the program running


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