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Getting started

Golang binary is built with static link. You can download it directly from the Github Release page or build it by yourself by cloning this repo and running make.

A Docker image is available for amd64, arm and arm64 platforms on Docker Hub: vibioh/ChatPotte.

You can configure app by passing CLI args or environment variables (cf. Usage section). CLI override environment variables.


The application can be configured by passing CLI args described below or their equivalent as environment variable. CLI values take precedence over environments variables.

Be careful when using the CLI values, if someone list the processes on the system, they will appear in plain-text. Pass secrets by environment variables: it’s less easily visible.

Usage of discord:
  -applicationID string
        [discord] Application ID {DISCORD_APPLICATION_ID}
  -clientID string
        [discord] Client ID {DISCORD_CLIENT_ID}
  -clientSecret string
        [discord] Client Secret {DISCORD_CLIENT_SECRET}
  -commands string
        [commands] Configuration of commands, as JSON string {DISCORD_COMMANDS}
        [logger] Log format as JSON {DISCORD_LOGGER_JSON}
  -loggerLevel string
        [logger] Logger level {DISCORD_LOGGER_LEVEL} (default "INFO")
  -loggerLevelKey string
        [logger] Key for level in JSON {DISCORD_LOGGER_LEVEL_KEY} (default "level")
  -loggerMessageKey string
        [logger] Key for message in JSON {DISCORD_LOGGER_MESSAGE_KEY} (default "message")
  -loggerTimeKey string
        [logger] Key for timestamp in JSON {DISCORD_LOGGER_TIME_KEY} (default "time")
  -publicKey string
        [discord] Public Key {DISCORD_PUBLIC_KEY}


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