Local atomic cache manager

I repeatedly find myself writing partitioned keyed caching systems, akin to Go’s module cache. To DRY myself I created

It provides:

  • Partitioned cache entries: <root>/<partition>/<key>
  • Atomic directory and file cache entry creation and replacement.


cache, err := localcache.New("myapp")

// Create a temporarily unaddressable file in the cache.
tx, f, err := cache.Create("some-key")
// Write to f

// Commit the file to the cache.
err = cache.Commit(tx)

// Load the cache entry back.
data, err := cache.ReadFile("some-key")

// Open the cache entry for reading.
data, err := cache.Open("some-key")

// Create a temporarily unaddressable directory with the same key as the previous file.
tx, dir, err := cache.Mkdir("some-key")

// Atomically replace the previous file with the new directory.
err := cache.Commit(tx)


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