Local buffering proxy for Sentry.

Spoofs the response for the sentry client and adds the request to a local queue to be proxyed to the real sentry.
The service should be used to protect main Sentry instance from being DDoS’ed by clients.

How to use:

ogre -h      
Usage of ./ogre:
        debug mode (default false)
  --httpproxy.port string
        HTTPProxy port (default ":80")
  --httpproxy.server.error_threshold duration
        Threshold for error stats (default 3m0s)
  --httpproxy.server.idle_timeout duration
        HTTPProxy HTTP idle timeout (default 5s)
  --httpproxy.server.read_timeout duration
        HTTPProxy HTTP read timeout (default 1s)
  --logger_output string
        Use File or Stdout for output (default "file")
  --pprof string
        use with debug mode (default ":7001")
  --pusher.client.request_timeout duration
        Pusher HTTP client timeout (default 100ms)
  --pusher.drop_threshold duration
        Event drop threshold duration (default 20ms)
  --pusher.pool.unstoppable_workers int
        Pusher pool unstoppable workers count. (default 4)
  --pusher.queue_size int
        Pusher queue size (default 1000)
  --pusher.sentry.host string
        Pusher address of sentry hosts, use comma to separate hostnames
  --pusher.sentry.projects string
        Map with projects for sentry. Checkout readme for more info.
        version info

Using multiple sentry instances

So far, two sentry instances are supported. To do this, in the --pusher.sentry.host parameter, list the sentry addresses separated by commas, necessarily with the scheme. For example, --pusher.sentry.host http://host1.com:9000,https://host2.ru:8000
In the --pusher.sentry.projects parameter, you must specify the correspondence of the project IDs in both sentries in the format ID1:ID2,ID3:ID4.

How it works:
Let’s say we have a python project in sentry1. It has its own unique ID, which can be found at the URL /settings/sentry/projects/{project_name}/keys/. To write to sentry2 in the same project, we need to specify that ID2=ID1, where ID2 is the ID of the python project in the second sentry. You can specify multiple matches separated by commas.


./ogre --pusher.sentry.host http://localhost:9000,https://example.com:9000 --pusher.sentry.projects b1302c1848c343bdbec1a86e19288f0b:ae89dbc83adc43829e0b3097561c78ba,3cf5af72ad8b4a4baa5715b972e4d738:b4329234d48b44f68a8a4f3a07e3d9a7

Notice: the order in which the project IDs are specified is important – ID1 should refer to host1, and ID2 to host2.



curl -s  http://localhost:80/_status  | python -mjson.tool
    "author": "i.ivanov",
    "commit": "1e816509",
    "datetime": "2020-02-01T13:42:19+0300",
    "status": "OK"

Prometheus metrics

curl http://localhost:80/metrics | egrep 'ogre|queue'
# HELP ogre_failed_put_to_queue_total
# TYPE ogre_failed_put_to_queue_total counter
ogre_failed_put_to_queue_total 41
# HELP ogre_info
# TYPE ogre_info counter
ogre_info{version=""} 1
# HELP ogre_put_to_queue_total
# TYPE ogre_put_to_queue_total counter
ogre_put_to_queue_total 5500
# HELP ogre_req_count
# TYPE ogre_req_count counter
ogre_req_count 2
# HELP ogre_sentry_failed_request_total
# TYPE ogre_sentry_failed_request_total counter
ogre_sentry_failed_request_total 1
# HELP ogre_sentry_request_total
# TYPE ogre_sentry_request_total counter
ogre_sentry_request_total 5499
# HELP queue_size_ratio
# TYPE queue_size_ratio gauge
queue_size_ratio -4.36


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