Key-value db backed by local file storage system. localdb was created mainly for cli tools in golang to store/retrieve user settings/preferences locally. This can be used by tools such as git (different settings per folder) as well as tools like bash (single bashrc file per user).

API Docs

  • CreateDB(filepath): Takes in a relative filepath as input. If the file already exists, then it tries to load the contents to an in memory db, otherwise it creates the file.
  • Set(key, value): Saves value against key in our database. Overwrites the value if key already exists in the db.
  • GetKeys(): Returns all the keys in our database.
  • Clear(): Flushes out all data. Note – this also flushes out persisted data so the operation is permanent and not reversible.
  • Erase(key): Erases the key and the corresponding value from the db.


Example to store the author’s name for a git tool.

import (

// Creates a database that stores/retrieves data from .settings file.
database := CreateDB(".git")
// Stores the author's name in db.
database.Set("author", "himanshu")
// Outputs the author's name
val, _ := database.Get("author")
fmt.Println("Author:", val)


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