M3U Proxy and EPG aggregator for Plex DVR and Emby Live TV

This is a fork of https://github.com/xteve-project/xTeVe, all credit goes to the original author

Documentation for setup and configuration is here.


  • Bitcoin: 1c1iCe4CJPfNUXtqxKBbW2Qd2EtqRPWme Bitcoin



  • Merge external M3U files
  • Merge external XMLTV files (EPG aggregation)
  • Automatic M3U and XMLTV update
  • M3U and XMLTV export

Channel management

  • Filtering streams
  • Teleguide timeshift
  • Channel mapping
  • Channel order
  • Channel logos
  • Channel categories


  • Buffer with HLS / M3U8 support
  • Re-streaming
  • Number of tuners adjustable
  • Compatible with Plex / Emby EPG


TLS mode

This mode can be enabled by ticking the checkbox in Settings -> General.

Unless the server’s certificate and it’s private key already exists in xTeVe config directory, xTeVe will generate a self-signed automatically.

Self-signed certificate will only allow TLS mode to start up but not to actually establish a secure connections. For truly working HTTPS, you should generate a certificate by yourself and also add the CA certificate to the client-side certificate storage (where the web browser, Plex etc. is).

Certificate and it’s private key should be placed in xTeVe config directory like so:


If the certificate is signed by a certificate authority (CA), it should be the concatenation of the server’s certificate, any intermediates, and the CA’s certificate.


Get an image

Pull from dockerhub:

docker pull scp002/xteve:latest

OR build your own image based on Dockerfile from this repository:

git clone https://github.com/SCP002/xTeVe.git
cd xTeVe
docker build --tag scp002/xteve .

Create a container

docker create \
    --tty \
    --publish 34400:34400 \
    --name xteve \

With the specific timezone, ip and port:

docker create \
    --tty \
    --env TZ=Europe/Amsterdam \
    --env XTEVE_PORT=12345 \
    --publish \
    --name xteve \

Start a container

docker start xteve

Attach to a started container

docker attach xteve

To detach from a container, press Ctrl + C.

Access web UI

Open http(s)://<ip>:<port>/web/ in browser, for example:

Stop a running container

docker stop xteve

xTeVe Beta branch

New features and bug fixes are only available in beta branch. Only after successful testing are they are merged into the master branch.

It is not recommended to use the beta version in a production system.

With the command line argument branch the Git Branch can be changed. xTeVe must be started via the terminal.

Switch from master to beta branch

xteve -branch beta

[xTeVe] GitHub:                https://github.com/SCP002
[xTeVe] Git Branch:            beta [SCP002]

Switch from beta to master branch

xteve -branch master

[xTeVe] GitHub:                https://github.com/SCP002
[xTeVe] Git Branch:            master [SCP002]

When the branch is changed, an update is only performed if there is a new version and the update function is activated in the settings.

Build from source code [Go / Golang]


  • Go (go1.18 or newer)



1. Download source code

git clone https://github.com/SCP002/xTeVe.git

2. Install dependencies

go mod tidy


go get github.com/avfs/[email protected] 
go get github.com/gorilla/websocket
go get github.com/kardianos/osext
go get github.com/koron/go-ssdp
go get github.com/samber/lo
go get github.com/stretchr/testify

3. Update dependencies (optional)

go get -u ./...

5. Update web files (optional)

If TypeScript files were changed, run:

tsc -p ./ts/tsconfig.json

Then, to embed updated JavaScript files into the source code (src/webUI.go), run it in development mode at least once:

go build xteve.go
xteve -dev

❗ To not to get CreateFile error, do not forget to switch your binary to “regular” mode after runnning with -dev flag:

xteve -branch master or xteve -branch beta

4. Build xTeVe

go build xteve.go

Or use convenient cross-compile tool. To build binaries for every OS / architecture pair into ./xteve-build/ folder:

go get github.com/mitchellh/gox
go install github.com/mitchellh/gox
gox -output="./xteve-build/{{.Dir}}_{{.OS}}_{{.Arch}}" ./


When creating a fork, the xTeVe GitHub account must be changed from the source code or the update function disabled.

xteve.go – Line: 29

var GitHub = GitHubStruct{Branch: "master", User: "SCP002", Repo: "xTeVe", Update: true}

// Branch: GitHub Branch
// User:   GitHub Username
// Repo:   GitHub Repository
// Update: Automatic updates from the GitHub repository [true|false]


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