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Mailchain enables blockchain-based email-like messaging with plain or rich text and attachment capabilities. Using blockchain protocols and decentralized storage, Mailchain delivers a simple, secure, messaging experience.

The majority of blockchain protocols provide no standard way to handle messaging. Some account holders have sent messages as an encrypted or unencrypted string included in transaction data. Some applications work around the problem by asking users to link another method of contact (e.g. email address, phone number etc.) to an application. This compromises anonymity by asking users to link or reveal an identity. It also increases exposure to security risks, and relies on additional centralized services.

Mailchain provides a solution to these problems and a generalized solution to email message on blockchain protocols.

Repo layout

This is the primary repo for the Mailchain development.

The primary Mailchain repositories to be aware of are:

Quickstart and documentation

You can run Mailchain on most operating systems in a matter of seconds. See the Mailchain Getting Started Guide for how.

For more comprehensive documentation, start with the Mailchain docs. (The doc source code is available in the docs repo.)

Working in this repo

We ❤️ pull requests! See for info on contributing changes.

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Development Guide

See development guide for information on getting started as a developer.

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