Rolling Hash Algorithm

Spec v5 (2022-04-04)

Make a rolling hash based file diffing algorithm. When comparing original and an updated version of an input, it should return a description (“delta”) which can be used to upgrade an original version of the file into the new file. The description provides information of the chunks which:

  • Can be reused from the original file
  • Have been added or modified and thus would need to be synchronized

The real-world use case for this type of construct could be a distributed file storage system. This reduces the need for bandwidth and storage. If user has a local copy of a file stored in the cloud, then changes between these two instances can be synchronized using diff produced by rolling hash.

A library that does a similar thing is rdiff. You don’t need to fulfill the patch part of the API, only signature and delta.


  • Hashing function gets the data as a parameter. Separate possible filesystem operations.
  • Chunk size can be fixed or dynamic, but must be split to at least two chunks on any sufficiently sized data.
  • Should be able to recognize changes between chunks. Only the exact differing locations should be added to the delta.
  • Well-written unit tests function well in describing the operation, no UI necessary.


  1. Input/output operations are separated from the calculations
  2. detects chunk changes and/or additions
  3. detects chunk removals
  4. detects additions between chunks with shifted original chunks


Run Tests: go test

Build: go build


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