I is a command for making cli tools interactive in the Acme editor.

Execute I <cli> and your command will be executed in the body of a new Acme window.

  • Button 2 clicks on text in the window will append the clicked text as a new argument for your command, clear the output, and re-execute it.
  • Button 2 of the Back command in the tag will remove the newest argument and rerun.
  • The Get command rerun’s the command as is.


Here’s a very simple demo of me clicking around the go program:


In the video I run I go then use button 2 clicks to navigate the subcommands and execute some of them.


First, make sure you’ve installed the Acme editor, then run go install github.com/hherman1/I@latest.

Thats it! Now you can run I <cli> anywhere to launch an I session in Acme.


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