Manatee Assets, Services and Metadata is a set of REST services for enhancing KonText installations. But it can be also run as a standalone service for generating n-grams and searching corpora structural metadata.


  1. creating and searching in live-attributes (used by KonText)
  2. generating n-grams from a vertical file
    • generating KonText query suggestion data sets
  3. corpus data information
    • direct access to Manatee corpus configuration
    • indices location and modification datetime
    • basic registry configuration
    • KonText corpora database access
  4. corpus data synchronization between two locations

For more information, see the



How to build the project

To build MASM, your system must contain:

  • Python3 (to run the installer script)
  • Manatee-open (at least the core shared libraries)
  • Go language (to compile MASM)

To start the building process, just run:

./build3 [manatee version]

The concrete supported versions of Manatee-open are: 2.167.8, 2.167.10, 2.208. Once build, a standalone binary masm3 should be created in the working directory.


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