This client retrieves information straight from MangaDex v5's API.
As the API is still a WIP, some changes (probably breaking) might be expected.

Features ✨

  • Download chapters straight to your computer.
  • Login to keep track of your followed manga.
  • Keep track of already downloaded manga.
  • Download multiple chapters together.
  • Searching!
  • Responsive UI (kind of)
  • Written in Golang :)

Works for Windows/Linux/macOS.

Usage ✍

Simply choose the chapters you want to read to download.

By default, all downloads are stored in a folder titled downloads, relative to where you run the application.

However, you can change this by changing the downloadDir field in the usr/usr_config.json file (this file only
appears after running the application at least once!)

Keybindings ⌨

  • Ctrl + L : Login/Logout
  • Ctrl + K : Keybindings/Help
  • Ctrl + S : Search
  • Ctrl + E : Select multiple chapters
  • Esc : Going back

Installation 🔧

Check out the releases page for relevant files.

For bleeding edge 🗡 updates, you may compile from source:

git clone
cd mangadesk
go get -d ./...
go build