• Redis instance


Configure the next environment variables:

Var Description
PORT Mastermind Api will start in this port
REDIS Url of redis instance in the form :. I.e: localhost:6379


A Go compiler and make tool need to be installed.

In a command shell run:

make build-all

The result is a bin folder with binary file for macos, linux and windows.


After build, go to bin folder and choose the binary for you apropiete architecture

In a command shell run the selected binary.


  • Configure environment variables
  • Deploy apropiate binary located in bin folder

MasteMind API Endpoints

For testing purpouses, a Postman file is included in forlder ./tests/postman

New Game

POST http://localhost:8080/newgame


Name Type Description
200 Ok string Ok. UUID of new game

New Round

POST http://localhost:8080/round

Request Body

Name Type Description
id string UUID Id of the game
guess string String to evaluate

Game Status

GET http://localhost:8080/status/{id}

URI Parameters

Name in Required Type Description
id Path true string uuid Game Id


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