Google Meet Plugin

Note: This plugin doesn't work for accounts because they don't have permission to create meetings by the url.

The Google Meet Plugin adds a button in the header bar in all channels:

When a user press the button, a message with the meeting link is automatically sent for the channel:

The meeting room link is based on the team and the channel names.

Usage & Setup Guide


Download the latest version:


No command support. Please, send pull requests :D


We are accepting pull requests. Check some cool ideias.

  • [ ] Internationalization (web only). Check #1 and #4 for example how to add a new language
    • [x] English;
    • [x] Brazilian Portuguese;
    • [x] French;
    • [x] German;
    • [ ] add your language;
  • [ ] Parametrization;
    • [ ] Meeting room: Random UUID based (a new meeting room for every request) or channel based (the same meeting room for each channel);
    • [ ] Automatically open a new tab;
  • [ ] /meet command;
  • [ ] Your awesome ideia.


Note: This plugin contains currently only web app portion.

Start a local server

docker run --name mattermost-preview -d --publish 8065:8065 --add-host dockerhost: mattermost/mattermost-preview

Create the first account with admin as login and password as password.

Run to install: