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Go katas

Katas (形) are practiced in martial arts as a way to memorize and perfect the movements being executed. Let’s try the same with code. The approach is pretty low-tech. It’s a list of packages that you should be rewriting from scratch or at least partially. There’s a command to visualize your progress:

> go run cmd/katas.go
Kata                                                       Last done       Count
----                                                       ---------       -----
areader                                            11 days ago (Fri)           1
bytecounter                                         8 days ago (Mon)           1
clock2                                              8 days ago (Mon)           1
----                                                                       -----
3                                                                              3

It’s important to practice regularly, to create a habit. Start by taking baby steps, e.g. 15 minutes a day. After some time it will require much less will power, it will become natural for you. 🥋

Initial setup

  1. Install Go or run inside a container: docker run --rm -it golang /bin/bash.

  2. Clone the repo:

git clone [email protected]:jreisinger/gokatas.git
# or
git clone https://github.com/jreisinger/gokatas.git
  1. Start practicing:

cd gokatas
> katas.md
go doc


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