YouTube client on your terminal


MeowTube is a CLI (Command Line Interface) to interact with youtube videos or audios and easy to play it via VLC. No need any account to use it.

Getting Started

First, make sure VLC already installed on your machine.


  1. VLC Media Player Installed

  2. Register VLC (location where VLC installed) to your PATH variable

  3. for windows user, better to use cmder, ANSI color supported by default

  4. Check everything is good, type vlc on your terminal / cmd.


Register VLC to the PATH

  • Linux, no need extra step
  • Mac OS / OSX, See Official Doc and then export that location to your .zshrc or .bashrc
    echo export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/ >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc
  • Windows, see Official Doc and then copy that directory location to your PATH on your environment variable (see reference).


  1. Download MeowTube via release page
  2. Choose which target OS do you use
  3. Extract the downloaded file
  4. Move the file to any folder what you want (OPTIONAL)
  5. Register MeowTube to your PATH variable (choose where meowtube is located)
  6. Create an alias for MeowTube (OPTIONAL)

Register MeowTube to the PATH

  • unix based(linux & macos). export to .zshrc or .bashrc
    echo export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/MEOWTUBE_LOCATION_FOLDER >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc
  • Windows, copy the directory location to your PATH on your environment variable (see reference)


Check everything is good. Type on your terminal



meowtube --help

Command Line Arguments

Argument Description
help Help about any command
play To play YouTube video
popular To see popular videos on YouTube
search To search for videos according to certain characters
trending To see trending videos on YouTube

Play Arguments

Argument Description
:YoutubeURL Valid YouTube video url e.g:
:videoId Valid Youtube videoId e.g: "tMzjKjV6r_w"
audio To play audio only
playlist To play all videos from YouTube playlist
video To play YouTube video

NOTE: Every argument has --help flag to see their specific usage