Mercado Fresco Gopher Rangers

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Mercado Fresco Gopher Rangers 🚀 Under construction…

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This API Handles Mercado Fresco Sellers, Warehouses, Sections, Products, Employees and Buyers

It was made for the Mercado Livre’s Go Bootcamp


  1. Sellers:
  • endpoint: /sellers
  • /sellers [POST]: Create a Seller
  • /sellers [GET]: List all Seller (READ)
  • /sellers/:id [GET]: List a Seller (READ)
  • /sellers/:id [PATCH]: Modify Seller (UPDATE)
  • /sellers/:id [DELETE]: Delete Seller (DELETE)
  1. Warehouses:
  • endpoint: /warehouses
  • /warehouses [POST]: Create a Warehouse
  • /warehouses [GET]: List all Warehouse (READ)
  • /warehouses/:id [GET]: List a Warehouse (READ)
  • /warehouses/:id [PATCH]: Modify Warehouse (UPDATE)
  • /warehouses/:id [DELETE]: Delete Warehouse (DELETE)
  1. Sections:
  • endpoint: /sections
  • /sections [POST]: Create a Section
  • /sections [GET]: List all Section (READ)
  • /sections/:id [GET]: List a Section (READ)
  • /sections/:id [PATCH]: Modify Section (UPDATE)
  • /sections/:id [DELETE]: Delete Section (DELETE)
  1. Products:
  • endpoint: /products
  • /products [POST]: Create a Product
  • /products [GET]: List all Product (READ)
  • /products/:id [GET]: List a Product (READ)
  • /products/:id [PATCH]: Modify Product (UPDATE)
  • /products/:id [DELETE]: Delete Product (DELETE)
  1. Employees:
  • endpoint: /employees
  • /employees [POST]: Create an Employee
  • /employees [GET]: List all Employee (READ)
  • /employees/:id [GET]: List an Employee (READ)
  • /employees/:id [PATCH]: Modify Employee (UPDATE)
  • /employees/:id [DELETE]: Delete Employee (DELETE)
  1. Buyers:
  • endpoint: /buyers
  • /buyers [POST]: Create a Buyer
  • /buyers [GET]: List all Buyers (READ)
  • /buyers/:id [GET]: List a Buyer (READ)
  • /buyers/:id [PUT]: Modify Buyers (UPDATE)
  • /buyers/:id [DELETE]: Delete Buyer (DELETE)


The following tools were used in this project:


Before starting, you need to have Git, Go and Swagger installed.


# Clone this project
git clone

# Access
cd mercadofresco-gopherrangers

# Install requirements
go get -u

# Access the server folder
cd /cmd/server

# Run the project
go run main.go

# The server will initialize in the <http://localhost:8080>
# To see the documentation go to <http://localhost:8080/docs/index.html#/>


This project is under license from Apache 2.0. For more details, see the LICENSE file.


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