• git
  • golang
  • Run install.bat then run.bat or run these commands:
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
  • And finally: go run .


  • Webhook logging.
  • Fast claim time.
  • Its own gateway connection to speed things up.
  • Anti dupes.

Setting up

# meteoric-sniper config.yaml file

generalConfig: {
  token: 'main_token',         # main token.
  bot: false,                  # if the main token is a bot or not. cooming soon.
  logging: {
    webhook_url: '',                     # webhook to log info to, keep it empty to not do any webhook logging.
    file_name: '/data/meteoric-logs.txt' # file logging, coming soon.

  envConfig: {
    use_env_file: false,       # use .env file, if you're using a public host i highly recommend it.
    token_value_name: 'TOKEN'  # key value of the token inside the .env


  • Snipe from bot account to user account. prequest
  • Multiple alt account support.
  • Reconnect, make gateway connection more stable.
  • href


Sniper showcase

– Credits: riptide