MGSL – Maths General Scripting Language


A simple, almost laconic scripting language to perform mathematical operations.

It has almost unique syntax, visually similar to Haskell in places

MGSL is for people who refuse to learn R and who think they need something more than python for maths.

Also, who uses MATLAB?

Serious Abstract

Don’t use this. Just use Python, R, MATLAB or really any other interpreted scripting language for maths.

Lactonic is a fancy way of saying featureless.

Be warned that this is pure digital esotericism + a fun (brain melting) side project (idea that took literal months of my time) ?


  1. Install a c++ compiler (e.g. mingw-w64)
  2. Install the official go compiler
  3. Build and run the installer from src/installer.go
  4. You have Installed MGSL.

Executing files

Run the mgsl command

An experimental mgslc (or similar) command may be developed if extra performance could be benefitted from by large / computationally heavy scripts.


I am a secondary school student in the UK at the time of publishing (07/22) and I have never really had a large project to work on, only ever small ventures with 10 files at max. I have also always loved maths and wanted to create a programming language, so I decided to create this. It is by no means a useful utility. Python’s stdlib has the statistics library, and numpy, pandas, etc can do literally everything else.

My largest reason for deciding to make a scripting language is leaning how other languages such as python work under the hood. As of now I am only comfortable programming in Python, and I can get by in JS, Rust and C/++. I decided to challenge myself by implementing a multiple lanuage design (GO and C++). I have ran into several issues with both languages but I am learning quickly.


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