Microservice to authentication users using golang and grpc

Command to generate protobuf

$ protoc -I . protos/auth/auth.proto --go_out=plugins=grpc:./application

Create folder for config.json file

$ sudo mkdir /etc/ms-auth
$ sudo touch /etc/ms-auth/config.json
$ sudo cp ./config.json /etc/ms-auth/config.json
$ sudo chmod 777 /etc/ms-auth/config.json

if you changed the config.json file, use the command at the bottom to update the config.json file on your computer

$ sudo cp ./config.json /etc/ms-auth/config.json

command to run the test

$ go test ./... --cover

Command to generate test files

$ go test -coverprofile cover.out 
$ go tool cover -html=cover.out -o cover.html

Create user table in PostgreSQL

CREATE TABLE public.t_users (
  id serial4 PRIMARY KEY,
  "name" varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  email varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  passw varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  created_at timestamptz NOT NULL DEFAULT NOW(),
  updated_at timestamptz NULL


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