This app is a simple food tracking app. It allows you to track your food intake and calories.

To use this app, first you have to install grocery-be which provide food availability and all the food data.


  • Add meals
  • Add food consumed
  • Calculate meal calories and price



Cluster installation

To install this app in a cluster, first create grocery namespace, then modify the kustomization.yaml file in /k8s/overlays/qa changing the property to match your configuration and run the following command:

kubectl apply -k k8s/overlays/qa

Local installation

You can run this app locally with docker. To do so, run the following command:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -e {ALL_ENV_VARIABLES}

Environment variables

Name Description Default value
PORT Port on which the app will listen 8080
GIN_MODE Release type of app
DB_HOST Database host
DB_PORT Database port
DB_NAME Database name
DB_USER Database user
DB_PASSWORD Database password
GROCERY_BASE_URL Base url for grocery-be app
FOOD_DETAIL_BASE_URL Base url for food-details-base-integrator-be


To create the database, run the following command with the database user:


create table meal (
    id uuid primary key,
    name varchar(255) not null,
    description varchar(255),
    meal_type varchar(255) not null,
    date date not null

create table food_consumption (
    id uuid primary key,
    meal_id uuid not null,
    food_id uuid not null,
    transaction_id uuid not null,
    food_name varchar(255) not null,
    quantity_used float not null,
    quantity_used_std float not null,
    unit varchar(255) not null,
    kcal float not null,
    cost float not null,
    foreign key (meal_id) references meal(id)


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